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Physical Therapy & Health Coaching


-Improved recovery from pain with individualized programs
-Helps employees achieve their fitness, nutrition, productivity & mental health goals
-Increased employee morale
-Improved daily performance in work & life


Types of Physical Therapy & Health Coaching

On-site or Remote Physical Therapy:

If your employees are having pain, consulting our physical therapist will help you develop an individualized recovery plan to feel better & put pain behind you. Employees can schedule a virtual or on-site pain assessment at their convenience & work together to speed up their recovery through education of the source of pain, exercise planning & manual therapy if needed.

Virtual Health Coaching:

Health Coaching is for those who are looking to get healthier mentally and physically to improve their daily performance. This service can be a great way to develop customized programs to improve overall health & create an actionable plan to success. We will work with your employees to help them along their path to being healthier!


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