Virtual & Mobile Physical Therapy

To help if you are struggling with pain that is limiting you from living your best life.

We come to you in-person & virtually to create approach to providing convenient & quality physical therapy services.

Virtual & Mobile Physical Therapy Explained

In both Virtual & Mobile Physical Therapy, you will receive the following services:
-Pain Evaluations & Follow Ups 
-Movement Analysis
-Movement Diagnostic Tests
-Education of your pain pathology
-Guidance with Exercise Technique
-Pain Management Programs
-Exercise plans
-Fitness Training Modifications
-Daily Activity modifications
-Recovery Program Progressions
-Manual Therapy as needed (only with Mobile)

Virtual Physical Therapy:

We will meet conveniently on your phone or computer through a secure video-chat.

Mobile (On-site) Physical Therapy:

We will meet you in-person either at your home, office, gym or anywhere you are! This may be the best route if you require manulal therapy as part of your plan.

Virtual + Mobile Hybrid Physical Therapy:

In some cases, it may be more appropriate to have a combination of these services to provide the best result for your recovery

How does this process work?

1) Schedule a FREE virtual consult to determine the best recovery plan for you

2) Set up either an in-person or virtual evaluation to determine the diagnosis & initial exercise program

3) Set up follow up visits either in-person, virtual or both

4) Assess your progress & make changes as we go if needed!

Which type of physical therapy is best for me?

Physical Therapist

Success Stories

"I appreciated having an individualized plan for my knee pain that aligned with my goals to run a Half-Marathon. Working with Dr. Dan gave me confidence to know how I should train to maximize my workouts. I completed my half marathon and had no side effects from the running or training in my knees at all. I'm hoping to do another in November!"

Carli L.

"Dr. Dan is great! He helped me get over two joint injuries I was dealing with from training martial arts. He quickly identified the problem and was incredibly resourceful in giving me exercises to strengthen the muscles, increase my flexibility  and reduce my pain. He's communicative, resourceful and overall a great guy to work with. Glad to be back in training because of his expert guidance."

Ryan W.

"Before my groin injury, I was in a ton of pain. Normal daily tasks were a struggle, even just rolling over in bed. Ever since I started working with Dr. Dan, the recovery process was much easier to get through. After working together virtually, all of the exercises from stretching to strengthening have helped me tremendously. Thanks to Dr. Dan's help, I no longer have any issues with normal activities and was able to get back into running shape."

Ryan J.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance at this time. Working outside the confines of insurance restrictions allows us to work together to do everything necessary to help you reach out goals.

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How do I know if you can see me for virtual visits? I live in ___ state.

Currently, we are only able to service people who live in Indiana, California, & Maine.

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Do I need a physician referral?

The short answer is "no". You can see me for immediately for physical therapy care without a physician referral in all the states listed above. Each state laws are a little different, and I would be happy to discuss this with you more in depth during your Free Consultation or if you submit a question here.

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Can I submit virtual physical therapy claims to my insurance?

Yes. You can submit claims to insurance to see if they can help reimburse you or apply the amount to your deductible. We can help get you the paperwork necessary to provide to them, however, you will be responsible for contacting your insurance and requesting this information. Also, there is no guarantee you will get our services reimbursed.

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Why pay out-of-pocket when I can see a physical therapist in-network?

This is a great question. One of the best reasons is because I have extra time to work with you. Without having to adhere to insurance guidelines for treatment, I am able to work with you 1-on-1 and give you the high-quality & individualized care you truly deserve without the distractions of insurance restrictions.

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Still have a question?

We would be happy to answer! Reach out to us at the Contact Us section.


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