Virtual & On-site Ergonomic Assessment

To help if you are struggling with finding a comfortable & affordable workstation in your home or office.

We will walk you through how to get the best ergonomic set up & program for your individual needs to improve productivity, comfort & mood.

We design & individualize workstations to improve productivity, energy, save money & promote healthier habits in the workplace & at home.

By the end of the assessment, you will:

-Know exactly how to organize your workspace for maximum productivity

-Know what equipment will work best within your budget & comfort needs

-Understand how to make better daily habits to improve health & comfort while working

-Understand how to incorporate prevention programs to avoid discomfort

The Process

1. Schedule a FREE virtual consult to understand your needs

2. Set up a full Virtual or On-Site Ergonomic Assessment of your workstation

3. Give you instant feedback on equipment & set up recommendations for maximum comfort & efficiency

4. Provide actionable steps for each individual employee to improve health daily

5. Follow up with workstation adjustments to assess the results & provide further consult as needed


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