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Workstation & Ergonomic Solutions


-Improved productivity

-Less time off work due to pain or discomfort

-Expert guidance on finding affordable equipment to suit your employees needs

-Increased savings of company money

-Improved satisfaction of employees

-Decreased employee burnout

-Improved safety while at work


Types of Workstation & Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomic Assessment: On-site walk through assessment of potential injury risk, recommendations for improved comfort & productivity. We assess tables, chairs, workflow, hazards, equipment & movement profiles of your staff & provide recommendations. 

Group Ergonomic TrainingOn-site or Remote training for specific preventative & safety changes to each department based on movement profiles, common injuries, &  injury risk.

Individualized Ergonomic Assessments & TrainingOn-site or Remote Assessments & Training focused on individual needs of each employee. We provide customized resources including specific equipment recommendations, pain assessment, posture modifications, assessment of general health, health & productivity goal writing & productivity recommendations.


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